Belgian Premiere : CHILDREN OF WAR by Bryan Single - Day of the Human Rights

in the presence of the director

A civil war has been raging in Uganda for the past 20 years. 35,000 children have been kidnapped and forced to serve in the rebel army. In the North, a rehabilitation center takes child soldiers in and prepares them to return to their families. For three years, Bryan Single followed the emotional and spiritual journey of some of these children. In his film, the beauty of the images contrasts with the harshness of the testimonies.  A splendid illustrated history of a country thirsting for forgiveness and hope. For the second year running BOZAR CINEMA is showing an engagé documentary on December 10th, which is International Human Rights Day. Undoubtedly the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

After the film, there will be a round table with:

Bryan Single He was born and raised in Tennessee. His creative exploration began in still photography while trekking through foreign lands. After attending the California Institute of the Arts, in Los Angeles, Brian’s passion focused on documentary filmmaking. He worked as a cinematographer and camera operator on several documentary and television projects. Children of War, which he produced, directed and edited, is his first documentary feature.

Els De Temmerman, Belgian journalist and author, founder of the NGO Childsoldiers in Uganda

Sri Kumar Vishwanathan, Indian activist defending the rights of Roma in the Czech Republic

Gabor Gombos, Hungarian defender of the rights of persons with mental disabilities

In the presence of Steven Vanackere, Vice-Premier Ministre et Ministre des Affaires étrangères et des Réformes institutionelles

Friday 10.12.2010 - 19:00
Free entrance: at the doors (max 2 tickets per person) or on request to
language: English | French