Peter Kubelka is a major figure of avant-garde cinema. Kubelka's films, among the purest ever made, go to the essence of cinema. Three screening sessions in the presence of the director - among which the exceptional premiere of his latest work - and an exhibition, will provide an introduction to his way of thinking.

Film-maker, theoretician, cook, musician, attentive observer of the arts, co-founder of the Anthology Film Archives in New York (with Jonas Mekas, whom he met at the EXPRMNTL film festival in Knokke in 1963) and of the Österreichisches Filmmuseum in Vienna, Peter Kubelka (born in Vienna in 1934) has taught cinema and cuisine (which he sees as the root of the arts and sciences) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frankfurt, at New York University, and in Chicago. 

His films, few in number but extremely condensed, take the cinematic experience to a high level of complexity and intensity, based on certain basic processes of traditional (i.e. analog) film projection: the alternation of darkness and light, white noise and silence, immobility and movement, the possibility of synchronising image and sound to 1/24th of a second, the creation of films on the basis of photograms. Produced over a period of almost half a century, his complete oeuvre adds up to barely an hour of screening.

At a time when the film industry is undergoing unprecedented upheavals and cinemas are getting rid of their film projectors and replacing them with digital equipment, Peter Kubelka's work - which glorifies the power, fragility, and beauty of cinema as we have known it for more than a century - offers a unique exploration of the possibilities of a technical apparatus and an art form that are now disappearing. His latest work, Monument Film, presented both as a screening and as an installation, raises a monument to the cinema.

Kubelka's cinema is like a piece of crystal, or some other object of nature: it doesn't look like it was produced by man
 (Jonas Mekas) 

These films must, very truly, be seen and very truly seen and heard to be believed! 
(Stan Brakhage)

Thursday 29.11.2012 > Sunday 06.01.2013
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