An evening with film director Elia Suleiman

Elia Suleiman director
The Palestinian director and actor Elia Suleiman will introduce some of his films which have not been previously shown in Belgium during a special evening dedicated to his work. With his three feature films (Chronicle of a Disappearance, Divine Intervention, The Time That Remains) Elia Suleiman has revealed himself as an important director and his films have been selected for the film festivals of Cannes and Venice. From the start Suleiman has used his talent to defend the Palestinian cause, considering film as an instrument of political resistance.

On the programme:

Introduction to the End of an Argument (45’, 1991) 
An inventory of the clichés which exist about the Arab world in the Western media.

Homage by Assassination (28’, 1992) 
Part of an omnibus on the Gulf War.
Suleiman made these two films during his stay in the United States winning a few awards for them as well as garnering critical praise.

Cyber Palestine (16’, 2000)
A parable of our times: Mary and Joseph (a present-day Palestinian couple) return to Gaza where they live under Israeli occupation.

The screening will be preceded by an introduction by Leila Shahid, Palestinian Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg and by an interview between the director and Christophe Wavelet, critic and curator.
Tuesday 12.03.2013 - 20:00 > 22:00
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€ 8,00: standard rate
€ 6,00: students / over 65