A performance by Esperanza Collado for 16mm films, red carpet, torch, palm tree, ribbon, raincoat, kettle, cardboard box, dry ice, feather.


Esperanza Collado (Spain) is an artist-researcher who focuses on the relationships between visual arts, performing arts and cinema. Her performances move across sculpture, architecture, filmmaking, and choreography to explore the experience of montage, time, and presence within the space of projection. Her book Paracinema: La Desmaterialización del Cine en las Prácticas Artísticas (2012) investigates cinema’s intrinsic properties and their possible expressions in non-filmic works.


We Only Guarantee the Dinosaurs has been described as a “carefully-constructed choreography, guiding a series of objects through an earnest investigation of the essence of CINEMA (Past, Present, Post) and its possibilities. The future of a thriving film art relies upon efforts like this” (Jodie Mack, filmmaker). From a territory inherited from the confluence of cinema, sculpture, and dance, the conditions for the enunciation of the filmic image are transformed. Cinema’s luminous resonance occupies a space and has the potentiality of turning it into a tactile, magnetic, and gaseous geometry from which projecting does not simply consist of creating optical and magnified images through a film and onto a screen.