My way of working is to incorporate very self-contained autonomous objects into a performance – resulting in a large number of images. But I can also extract things from it, which can in turn become self-contained objects in their own right, says the Belgian artist Miet Warlop.

After opening the exhibition Yves Klein. Theatre of the Void and closing Pol Bury. Time in Motion, Miet Warlop is back at BOZAR! In Mystery Magnet, she takes you inside a world of fragile representations and lets all manner of creatures, sculptures and tableaux vivants loose in the Centre for Fine Arts’ Horta Hall.
Headless women, giants’ trousers, a crepuscular traffic jam, a journey on the moon and a black storm that carries away everything in its path: Mystery Magnet sketches out a haunted world where humour is born from sadness, magic from the prosaic and excitement from fear. Imagination in power!