BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival and Nuits sonores Bruxelles team up for a joint opening night at BOZAR.


Opening BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival X Nuits Sonores Bruxelles.


18:30-22:00 : DJ+bar


19:00 : Speech
Paul Dujardin (CEO, Artistic Director BOZAR)
Kadi Polli (KUMU)
Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica)
Stéphanie Pécourt (Halles Saint-Géry)
Pierre-Marie Oullion (Artistic Director Nuits sonores)
(*) Free entrance

19:30-22:00 : Exhibitions 
STARTS Prize 2017
Tendencies : Belgian Art in the Digital Age #2
The Archaeology of the Screen. The Estonian Example 
(*) Free entrance

20.00 : Performance 
 (*) Free entrance (limited capacity - registration required)



Ongoing and forthcoming