Programme West Sumatra Evening

Saluang Dendang
Pencak Silat
Nan Jombang

Pencak silat is the collective name for traditional Indonesian martial arts. Different styles are developed in every region and they often imitate local animals. In Indonesia Pencak silat has a strong association with spiritual elements. In Europe the physical aspect is the best known. There are more than 150 different styles with different substyles too. And more new styles are still being developed. The power of pencak silat is felt when it changes into strong, rapid movements, such as fast jolting and stamping. Pencak silat consists of two parts. Pencak is a controlled, smooth and graceful movement of the body. Silat is a lightning-fast, rapid movement, which is all about defence, neutralisation and counter attack.

WHISPERINGS OF EXILE – Nan Jombang Dance Company
Nan Jombang Dance is the most important contemporary dance company in Indonesia. It was founded in 1983 and is based on traditional dance, martial arts and percussion from the Minangkabau (West Sumatra). Endurance, rigorous discipline and integrity are not just central components on stage and in the rehearsal area, but form the basic philosophy of the group. These are the very values which help them through difficult times, such as the Padang earthquake in 2009, which claimed 1000 lives and destroyed their rehearsal space. They play a pivotal role in their own society through their choreography centre and theatre hall in Ladang Tari. The company has been touring the world since 2004.