VIDEO CALL 2 - Pantea Armanfar

Pantea Armanfar alternates between long-distance conversations and conversations in your head, in a digital novel in which a boy and girl are geographically separated after years together.


FLIGHT N° 745 - Marjan Poorgholamhossein

As a child a woman fled from Iran during the war with Iraq. Back in the country of her early childhood she tries to carefully reconstruct the memories which she thought she had forgotten.


PINK CLOUD - Keyvan Sarreshteh/Hassan Madjooni

Pink Cloud tells the tale of a young man, from house arrest to military service, from military service to military frontier, military frontier to enemy territory, enemy territory to under the ground and, finally, from under the ground to a pink cloud.


MEDEA - Fariborz Karimi

A young actress takes on the role of Euripides’ Medea. She falls for a Polish man and decides to follow him to his native country, leaving her career behind. In Poland her life will develop unsettling parallels with that of the mythological sorceress.


SPECIAL RELATIVITY - Samaneh Zandinejad

In Special Relativity Bahar Katoozi plays a woman who looks at her affair with a university professor through the prism of quantum physics. She attempts to understand their whole history with the aid of scientific concepts.