After five years of studying in Paris, Arash hasn’t adapted to French life and decides to return to Iran. Hoping to change his mind, his two friends, Hossein and Ashkan, drag him on a final trip through France.

Charlène Darling is a self-taught musician who expresses herself in different registers depending on her projects. The sonorous ingredients of English folk music, pop and experimental music combine in different forms and textures depending on the project (Rose Mercie, La Ligne Claire, Contre-coup) and the emotions expressed in her songs. 
A lover of DIY concocted around improvisations either solo or between friends, she composes a soft and warm pop for more introspective and experimental ballads as well as energetic and liberating rock. Her lyrics describe an enigmatic and poetic world in which borders are never perfectly defined. 
She has already released a number of cassettes and CDs, either self-produced or on labels such as Los Emes del Oso and Les Disques de l’Oubli. Her next CD, Saint Guidon (set for release in spring 2018 on the Brussels label L’Amour aux 1000 parfums), combines her lo-fi roots with more expansive, complex and all the more distinctive arrangements to transport eight of her songs of love and friendship to new realms.