A multidisciplinary jury has rewarded the young photographer for the poetry, aesthetics and coherence of his “Jardin” series

Massao Mascaro (°1990, Lille (FR)) is presenting a subtle yet complex series on the garden. Starting out from the precept that “Human-beings are creators of gardens in the same way that they are storytellers” in this series, made up of 28 images, Massao has chosen to simultaneously address these two cultural activities. All the images embody the delicate tensions created in space and time. The space between two hands, a twig caught in wire fencing, a ray of sunshine on a shaking branch, the mysterious look in a young woman’s eyes: as many “minuscule windows opening onto eternity”.  

Massao lives and works in Brussels and is a founding member of the Brussels-based photographers’ collective, La Grotte.

A multidisciplinary jury selected this series for its depth and the subtlety of its images. “Jardin” is a poetic narration which transcends banality. Aside from an original perspective, they saw all the research which had gone into it and were really taken by the irresistible images. 

The series will be on display in a monographic exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts from 01 December 2016 to 08 January 2017. 

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