The Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels, BOZAR, the Evens Foundation and Imec are highlighting the importance of freedom of the press and freedom of expression during Difference Day.

This year's theme was fake news. The highlight of the day is the prize giving ceremony at which the Evens Foundation 'Prize for European Journalism 2017', the Imec ‘Press for More award for original and better journalism’ and the ‘VUB/ULB Difference Day honorary title for freedom of expression' have been awarded.


VUB/ULB Difference Day honorary title for freedom of expression

The Global Investigative Journalism Network has been awarded the ‘VUB/ULB Difference Day honorary title for freedom of expression' on the occasion of the third Difference Day. The Global Investigative Journalism Network, founded in 2003 at the second global investigative journalism conference in Copenhagen, is an association of non-profit organisations that support, promote and produce investigative journalism. The network organises conferences and training, provides financial resources and consulting, and encourages the creation of similar non-profit organisations. The GIJN now has 145 members in 62 countries.


The Evens Foundation 2017 Prize for European Journalism

The Evens Foundation has awarded the Prize for European Journalism to two journalists: Tom Nuttall of The Economist and Christoph Zotter of Profil Magazine. Nuttal writes on European politics and economics in The Economist's 'Charlemagne Column'. He is a much sought after commentator on television and radio. Christoph Zotter works on the foreign affairs desk of the Austrian news magazine Profil. He wants to get readers following complex European issues more closely.


Imec Press for More Award for original and better journalism

The Press for More Award is a new prize awarded to journalism projects that seek to bring the news closer to the public in an enterprising and creative manner, or that are concerned with new forms of journalism (such as big data, network journalism).

Poool.fr is the first to receive this award. This smart paywall is a handy tool in helping news sites provide a better service. Surfing behaviour is analysed to enable a news site to offer articles likely to interest the individual reader. In this way the sites reach out to the public. The jury likes the way this innovative start up links journalism and access to information.

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