On Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 April 2017 a number of international artists, curators and cultural workers gathered at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels to express their concerns about the upcoming populism and authoritarian tendencies in Europe.

We are artists, curators, critics, technicians, philosophers, architects, designers, educators, historians,…
We are young and old.
We are cultural workers and concerned citizens.
We see Europe first and foremost as a cultural space and a state of mind.
We want to redefine Europe as a truly democratic project through ideas, stories, culture and art.
We prepare for a European Renaissance through culture and science.


Join us. Read and sign the call for commitment on culturalworkersfor.eu

  • © Reinout Hiel

    Mystery Magnet

    Thursday night saw the last performance in our exhibition Yves Klein. Theatre of the Void.

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  • Yves Klein. PhotoCharles Wilp

    5 reasons to visit Yves Klein. Theatre of the Void before it closes

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  • Miet Warlop at BOZAR

    Emerging Belgian visual artist Miet Warlop will close the Yves Klein exhibition at BOZAR, Brussels, with her highly anticipated performance Mystery Magnet.

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