On Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 April 2017 a number of international artists, curators and cultural workers gathered at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels to express their concerns about the upcoming populism and authoritarian tendencies in Europe.

We are artists, curators, critics, technicians, philosophers, architects, designers, educators, historians,…
We are young and old.
We are cultural workers and concerned citizens.
We see Europe first and foremost as a cultural space and a state of mind.
We want to redefine Europe as a truly democratic project through ideas, stories, culture and art.
We prepare for a European Renaissance through culture and science.


Join us. Read and sign the call for commitment on culturalworkersfor.eu

  • Discover our jazz season ’17-’18!

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  • Discover the educational program for the season 2017-2018

    In the new cultural season pupils and teachers can once again expect interactive concerts, voyages of discovery, introductions, discussions with musicians, directors and actors, plays for young people and inspiring encounters.

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  • Réorganisation, Chéri Samba, 2002 Huile sur toile. Collection MRAC. Droits réservés.

    Congo Art Works: from Brussels to Moscow

    You no doubt remember that between 7 October 2016 and 22 January 2017 BOZAR and the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) had put on this outstanding exhibition devoted to popular painting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The exhibition brought together portraits, landscapes and canvasses of urban and historical inspiration, which inspired a critical reflection on the social reality of the country. Now the “Garage” is in turn displaying a selection of them.

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