The Centre for Fine Arts is reconfiguring the stalls of the Henry Le Bœuf Great Hall by replacing the current seats with removable seating.

The idea is to create an adjustable space which will enable artists to use part or all of the stalls during their performances and give the audience a more dynamic experience during concerts, DJ sets and big shows.

Since its inauguration in 1929, there have been four generations of seats in the Henry Le Bœuf Great Hall.

In 1999, the 1976 seats were replaced by a model inspired by seats designed by Victor Horta in 1929.

Almost 20 years later, the Centre for Fine Arts has decided to renovate the seats in the stalls, with the backing of Beliris and our responsible Minister, Mr Didier Reynders.

The works have been entrusted to Fibrocit, the company which made the seats for the hall in the 1920s, and again back in 1999.

The wood and velvet will be refurbished, but a major improvement is also on the agenda. This will enable us to use the Henry Le Bœuf Great Hall in completely new configurations: the seats will be fitted with a system which makes them mobile, thus freeing up part or all of the stalls. Our artistic programmers will make the most of this innovative way of managing the space available by devising unexpected and astounding concert configurations. The hall will be adapted to suit the diversity of BOZAR’s musical events (classical, jazz, world, electro and hip-hop) and, more particularly, its festive and dance concerts.

This renovation, which will encourage proximity and interaction between artists and public, begins in November 2017. The works will be staggered as the seats are successively replaced by groups of rows. Everything will be completed by May 2018. As a consequence, it is likely that your seat will be replaced by temporary seating in the course of the coming months. Please excuse us for any inconvenience this might cause and thank you very much for your understanding.

We hope we will get an opportunity to meet you in the Henry Le Bœuf Great Hall as we introduce our very first innovative layouts!

  • Access to the Centre for Fine Arts via Rue Royale 10 on Thursday 23 November

    This Thursday 23 November, our exhibitions will only be accessible via number 10 Rue Royale.

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  • Traffic around BOZAR severely disrupted on November 25 and 26

    Due to construction works in the Rue des Douze Apôtres, the traffic around the Centre for Fine Arts will be severely disrupted. The Rue Ravenstein will only be accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and busses. Do you want to come to BOZAR by car or motorbike? Park it at the Rue Royale or at Place Royale. Thanks for your understanding.

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    Connecting Capitals. Call for participation

    Connecting Capitals: The Intersectionality** of US/Belgium Deaf Heritages and Global Citizenship will enlarge the scope of the Next Generation, Please! project to the transatlantic level at a time when the challenges confronting the world in general, and democracy in particular, are truly global.

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