Sébastien Van Malleghem wins the third edition of the BOZAR-NIKON Monography Series Award.
The young photographer managed to win over the jury with his gripping series Prisons, for which he documented life in Belgian prisons over a period of several years.

Sébastien Van Malleghem (°1986, Rosières) has really touched a chord with Prisons (2011-2014). After his series Police (2008-2011), for which he followed the comings and goings of the Belgian police as they went about their work, he decided it was time to focus on our Belgian prisons. The result of his years of toil is an intense series in black and white, which documents day to day life behind bars in a revealing and authentic manner.  Van Malleghem focuses on what we don't want to see: the gaps in our legal system, in our country that considers ideals of justice and humanity of paramount importance. Once imprisoned, inmates are removed from society's gaze, and we collectively close our eyes to their lot.

The multidisciplinary jury selected this series with a lot of conviction, on account of the immediacy of the subject matter and its consequential execution. Van Malleghem approaches the inmates out of a universal feeling of humanity. His photographs express a great deal of respect and concern for his subject.

The BOZAR-NIKON Monography Series Award recognises the work of a Belgian photographer and gives him or her the opportunity to present a solo exhibition in the Centre for Fine Arts.