Kudsi Erguner music director, ney – Murat Aydemir tanbûr – Mete Enver Aslan oud – Hakan Güngör qanun – Serkan Halili qanun – Sokrates Sinopoulos kemençe – Hasan Çakan zurna – Bora Uymaz vocals – Ibrahim Suat Erbay vocals – Hamdi Demircioglu vocals – Bekir Buyukbas vocals – Yunus Balcioglu vocals – Muhammed Emin Ayaz vocals – Gursoy Dinçer vocals – Safa Korkmaz vocals – Ilhan Yazici vocals – Umit Yazici vocals – Hamdi Akatay drums – Bruno Caillat drums – Ozan Pars drums – Aykut Koselerli drums – Jacobus Thiele drums – Simon Leleux drums – Walter Quintus sound engineer

Kudsi Erguner is a world authority on Ottoman music. Ergüner – teacher, performer and one of the most virtuoso ney players in Turkey – has studied the ancient roots of Ottoman music and the influence of Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Jewish and Armenian cultures. His ensemble specializes in improvisation based on authentic performance practices. The Ottoman Drums offer us a taste of traditional music styles: the interpretation of art music of the 16th and 17th centuries. Ergüner expands his core ensemble with a large number of guest musicians. The focus lies on traditional percussion instruments such as the nakkare, halile, kös et davul.