Le classique abstrait - DJ Raphaël Marionneau

Sit back and relax! DJ Raphaël Marionneau, aka "Monsieur Chillout", must be about the most laid-back DJ in Europe. Since 2001, he has been introducing young audiences to the surprisingly relaxing effect of music by composers such as Debussy and Mendelssohn. Yes, you read that right: classical composers. It's all the same to DJ Raphaël Marionneau whether he plays classical or electro. He just wants to give his audience a wonderful, relaxing experience – and to that end, he combines classical music with clubbing culture.

Zukunft @ BOZAR

After midnight, the Horta Hall will be transformed into a club. The Brussels producer and DJ Fady One takes over from Raphaël behind the mixer for a party featuring her clubbing concept Zukunft. The German word for "future" inspires Fady One: for her, it implies a feeling of melancholy and hope that can also be found in music and art. For her, that feeling accompanying the music is what matters most. Style and genre don't matter: she just plays what she thinks is beautiful and refuses to be restricted by labels and categories.

OST & KJEX (live)

UMAMI (live)