Manuel Hermia flutes, saxophone – Lynn Cassiers voice, electronics – Manolo Cabras double-bass – Sylvain Darrifourcq drums, special effects – Yvan Hanon sound engineer

In a traditional concert, the set-up is clear: the musicians play on a stage or platform, while an audience sits and listens. What happens if there is no audience or if the musicians don't take the audience into account? We put that to the test in these sessions by jazz musicians stationed in the display windows of the former BOZAR shop. The saxophonist Manuel Hermia has invited a number of free-jazz specialists to jam and improvise. They will explore the frontiers of jazz, world music, electronic, and contemporary music. The musicians don't perform a normal concert with a beginning and an end. It's all about the freedom and the magic of the moment. Your role in the audience is more that of an eavesdropper than of a listener.