UNDEFINED / Music Room I - Ioana Mandrescu, Bruno Bragato, Astro Rocco, Nicole Miller, Wouter Van Looy (coach)

Duo Vaïnö / Music Room II - Jean-Samuel Bez, Jennifer Pio, Dejana Desulik (Coach)

Trio Aubade - What Next? / Music Room III - Géraldine Clément, Sarah Defrise, Thomas Waelbroeck, Tom Pauwels (Coach)

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Here at BOZAR, in the spring, we invited musicians to think about alternative performance concepts and to share their questions, experiences, and solutions. We launched a broad appeal to musicians to take part in our opening weekend. Three coaches, Wouter Van Looy, Dejama Sekulic, and Tom Pauwels, each selected a team from the long list of applications. Over the summer, together with their musicians, the coaches developed a Music Room. You can experience their new concepts at our BOZAR Music Opening Night.