The European Film Forum initiated by the European Commission in 2014 provides a space for a structured dialogue between the Commission and stakeholders in the audiovisual sector. The European Film Forum opened 2015 in Berlin and events were and are held at important European Film Festivals and industry gatherings like Cannes, Sarajevo, Venice, San Sebastian and MIPCOM.

The 3rd of December promises to be an international encounter of renown scriptwriters with proven ability to touch a large, international audience with high quality story telling. The purpose of this day is to provide a perspective on the creative process of scriptwriting and the birth of a series as an artistic whole.


9:00 Registration & coffee
9:30 Presentation by Creative Europe

Existing support for the production of series, training opportunities and distribution

10:00 Screening of 1 episode of The Bridge 3 & Case study of The Bridge 3
How to develop creative content and find financing
In the presence of the team: Lars Blomgren (Producer),Anders Lundström (Showrunner), Camilla Ahlgren (Screenwriter), Tasja Abel (ZDFE - distributor)

14:00 — 17:30 Two roundtable discussions on screenwriting
14:00 Panel I: Screenwriting in team. A stimulants to creativity?
With: Emily Ballou (UK, Humans, The Slap), Alex Berger (FR, Le Bureau des Légendes), Clive Bradley (UK, Trapped), Carl Joos (BE, Cordon, The Broken Circle Breakdown), Ben Harris (UK, The Paradise, Transporter)

15:45 Coffee Break

16:00 Panel II: Shooting of a series. How to create an artistic ensemble?
With: Jan Benneman (DE, Transporter), Gilles Coulier (BE, Bevergem), Samira Radsi (DE, Deutschland 83)), Vincent Lannoo (BE, Trepalium)
Moderator: Tasja Abel

17:30 Summary of issues raised during panels by Ian Macdonald
Evaluation of training opportunities in screenwriting and challenges for the future
How to stimulate new generations of screenwriters?