Despite all the hope it gave, to date the Arab Spring hasn’t produced very encouraging results. With the exception of Tunisia, that is, where the “Jasmine Revolution” is flourishing, even if the democratic process remains somewhat fragile. How can you build up a new social conscience on the ruins of a dictatorship? This is the question which fascinates Tunisian artists who, through their work, are showing us the state of democracy in their country.  MOUSSEM and BOZAR cordially invite you to a series of urban cultural explorations starting with Tunis.

16.01.16 => TICKET: Moussem Cities Afternoon PASS: 6 activitiesCOMBI: Moussem Cities Afternoon Pass + Lotfi Bouchnak

15:00 Moussem Talks: Tunisie, an exceptional experience in the Arab world ?
16:15 Sacré Printemps! – Chatha
17:00 Habib Selmi
17:30 Artists Talk: Habib Selmi, Meriam Bousselmi, Lassaad Jamoussi...
18:15 Sacré Printemps! – Chatha
19:00 Join The Revolution – Action Zoo Humaine/B.Chikha

20:30 Lotfi Bouchnak