In the year 2016, 150 years of friendship between Japan and Belgium will be celebrated. On this occasion, a prestigious partnership - the Fondation George Arthur Forrest and the Kitanodai Ensemble conducted by Mr. Yoichiro Iguchi - will unite both our countries to present the world premiere of Miyabi.

Miyabi - the elegance and refinement of the Imperial Court - has been staged by Ado Huygens to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the jewels of Japanese culture. Song, music, dance, flower arranging (Ikebana), the Way of Incense (Kô), sumptuous kimonos and precious masks will carry you to the very heart of a mysterious and fascinating world. This unique event enables its audience to experience an art which has only been displayed within Shinto and Buddhist temples or in the presence of the Emperor. 12 musicians and 4 dancers will initiate you into Gagaku, an art that embodies the quintessence of the sacred.

The former chief musical director of the Imperial House, Master Shôgo Anzai, will act as conductor by playing the kakko, and will also play the transverse flute, the ryuteki.