In a boisterous evening packed with offbeat film, music, performance, and poetry, BOZAR turns the spotlight on the work of I.K. Bonset, the literary alter ego of the Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg. The sound artist Jaap Blonk sends his Dadaist verses hurtling through space and captures them on a 7" record pressed specially for the occasion. With his solo project Voiceover, Marc Matter (a member of Durian Brothers and Institut für Feinmotorik) uses records and turntables to manipulate the human voice. Along the way, saxophonist and clarinettist Joachim Badenhorst will improvise on Van Doesburg's austere paintings. Avant-garde films by Hans Richter and Viking Eggeling (about whom Van Doesburg wrote in De Stijl in 1921) will throw light on an exceptionally creative period of European art history.

Rhythmus 21 (Hans Richter, 1921-1923, 16 mm, b&w, silent, 3'19'')
Symphonie Diagonale (Viking Eggeling, 1923-1924, 16 mm, b&w, silent, 6'40'')
Filmstudie (Hans Richter, 1926, 16 mm, b&w, 5'00'')