Peter VermeerschBenjamin BoutreurBerlinde DemanMichel MastPeter DelannoyeMarc MeeuwissenPeter VandenberghePierre VervloesemTeun VerbruggenKristof RoseeuwLuc van LieshoutTom WoutersBart MarisBruno VansinaMauro Pawlowski

Tribute to Frank Zappa - CD release Concert

Is there any artist crazier than Flat Earth Society? Perhaps not, but then again, there was Frank – Zappa, that is. In ‘Terms of Embarrassment’ the Flat Earth Society, in combination with guitar gods Pierre Vervloesem and Mauro Pawlowski, is paying homage to the pleasantly disturbed artistic jack-of-all-trades. Don’t expect covers, but rather a concert which will make Zappa’s trusted moustache shine once more from the grave. It is an evening of fresh material, embarrassing moments, overly long guitar solos, stirring group passages and a smattering of ‘Zappaesque’ mutations.