Take part in a fascinating discussion between the French artist Daniel Buren, the man behind Daniel Buren: A Fresco, and Joël Benzakin, curator of the exhibition.
Joël Benzakin will begin by explaining the main themes of Daniel Buren’s oeuvre, including his work in situ and his multiples, works of art which are created in large quantities and which, as a consequence, lose their unique value. Daniel Buren will then speak about the choice of artists represented in the exhibition and his work A Fresco, a film which provides an overview of some of the artist’s most notable interventions. At the end you are also given a chance to get involved and ask the contributors questions about the issues raised by the exhibition. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to meet Daniel Buren and take part in this debate about contemporary creation.
We advise you to visit the exhibition Daniel Buren: A Fresco before coming to the talk.