(GE/FR/DE, 2014, 85’, OV, ond. st. FR)

Nino, a woman in her 40s, led a comfortable life in the Soviet Union, but in modern Georgia she finds it hard to keep up with the changes. Nino, like so many others, decides to take out a high-interest mortgage loan. Little by little she gets deeper into debt, which becomes a vicious circle she cannot escape. Nino’s story is typical of the 172 300 families who lost their home as a result of mortgage loans in 2009-2013. The number of households affected represents 14% of Georgia’s population.

Salomé Alexis

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1966, Salomé Alexi is director, editor and screenwriter. Her short films deal with the woman’s issue and the relation of the woman with the environment. Felicita (2009) is presented at the Mostra del Cinema of Venice where it gains the Special Mention. Her last work, Line of Credits (2014), is selected in the Orizzonti’s section of Venice.