(LT/FR/RU, 2015, 107’, OV, ond. st. EN)

A summer’s day. A man, his lover and his daughter arrive at their country house for the weekend. Since her mother’s death, the 16-year-old girl has lived with her father who is not very attentive. He is tired of his day-to-day routine at work and does not know where to turn for the strength to carry on. His lover, a violinist, has lost all joie de vivre. She is lost between music, love and her career. Although they love one another, their relationship is strained and at breaking point. 

Sharunas Bartas

Born in 1964 in Lituanie, Sharunas Bartas is director, screenwriter and actor. He has brought the Lithuanian cinema to the most important European Festivals, including Cannes, Berlin and Venice. Through his films he deals with the life of people living in difficult and undefined lands. In 1995 at the Cannes Festival Bartas presents Few Of Us and two years later, The House. Seven Invisible Men (2005) is nominated for the FIPRESCI Award as well as his Indigène d’Eurasie (2010) for the Lux Award of the European Parliament. His last work, Peace to us in Our Dreams (2015), has been presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Festival of Cannes.