(TR, 2014, 80’, OV, ond. st. FR + NL)

The latest feature film from Derviş Zaim is an allegorical story that focuses on the human-nature relationship. Set in a small fishing town, "Fish" follows the story of Kaya, a fisherman who's trying hard to make ends meet for his family. Unable to cope with the pressures arising from his daughter's mysterious illness and his financial difficulties, Kaya begins to use a dangerous and illegal fishing method. This decision has serious consequences not only for the lake but also for all of the key characters in the story. Dealing with one of the most pressing issues of our time, "Fish" explores the dilemma arising from our need to exploit nature versus the long-term necessity to protect our fragile eco-system.

Dervis Zaïm

Born in 1964 in Cyprus, Dervis Zaim is director, producer and novelist in Instabul. His first feature film Tabutta Royasata or Somesault in a Coffin (2007) and his second Filler ye Cimeler or Elephants and Grass (2000) win numerous awards at leading festivals worldwide. Camur (2003) considers the ethnic problem in Cyprus and wins the UNESCO Award at the Venice Film Festival. Since 2006, he directed a trilogy (Cennetti Beklerken, Nokta et Golgeler ve Suretler) about the three typical art forms of Cyprus. Cycle (2012) and Fish (2014) are his last feature films.