Find out more about Ethiopia during our mini-festival, Addis. Aside from a reference to Addis-Ababa, the Ethiopian capital and headquarters of the African Union, Addis is also the translation of the word "renewal". In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BelgoEthiopian Association, BOZAR is inviting you to savour the culture of this country that is so rich in history whilst resolutely looking to the future. Beautiful music, documentary, deliciously spicy dishes and fun activities further enhance this day that promises to be full of great surprises.

16:00 > 20:00 Fumoir: Welcome to Ethiopia!
Ethiopian gastronomy, exhibition, coffee ceremony, initiation ethiopian writing, photo projection

17.00 Salle M: documentary : Jamming Addis (2014), 80', in English, written and directed by Dirk K. van den Berg

20:00 Salle M: Concert : Addis Acoustic Project

Imagine you are in a bar in Addis Abeba in the Fifties or Sixties, as you enjoy the Ethio-jazz of the Addis Acoustic Project. The guitarist Girum Mezmur has gathered together Ethiopia's finest musicians to give the popular songs of the past a contemporary makeover. Ethio-jazz is a blend of jazz, Latino, and pop, mixed with traditional azmari music. Check out the BOZAR website and discover other cultural gems from this East African country, which has such a rich and varied history.

Ayele Mamo (mandolin)
Girum Mezmur (guitars, accordion)
Henock Temesgen (double bass)
Nathaniel Tesemma (drums, percussions)
Aklilu Wolde Yohannes (clarinet, flute)
Misale Legesse (kebero, percussions)

JAMMING ADDIS - teaser 2

JAMMING ADDIS - teaser 3 

JAMMING ADDIS - teaser 1

JAMMING ADDIS - teaser 1 from Dirk van den Berg on Vimeo.