Léonora Miano Text – Eva Doumbia director, adaptation, concept – Anne Agbadou-Masson actress – Laëtitia Lalle Bi Bénie actress – Ludmilla Dabo actress – Atsama Lafosse actress – Massidi Adiatou dance – Alvie Bitemo vocals, – Gagny Sissoko with – Francis Ruggirello set design – Sakina M’Sa costumes – Lionel Elian music

Debate after the performance: In search of new identities. 

The French-Ivorian director Eva Doumbia provides a refreshing take on the Afro-European community in the play Afropéennes [Afropeans]. Six tempestuous actresses and one actor tell their stories. Not about refugees or the undocumented, but about the black middle class who eats ‘bio’ as well as manioc, visits museums, dines out, studies science and reads books. With cabaret-like scenes, powerful images, lively dance sequences and, above all, a great deal of humour, the La Part du pauvre / Nana Triban company sheds new light on the cliché of the ‘exotic’ black. Afropéennes is based on the novels Blues pour Elise [Blues for Elise] and Femme in a City [Woman in a City] by Léonora Miano. Winner in 2005 of six prizes for her first book L’Intérieur de la nuit [Inside the night], this writer immediately acquired a firm place on the literary map of the French-speaking world.

Eva Doumbia and Léonora Miano are Afropean to the core. BOZAR and its partners chose the term for the multidisciplinary festival Afropean+ that highlights artists of African origin working in the European cultural landscape. While awaiting the 2017 festival, we are pleased to present this play as a foretaste.

Cie La Part du pauvre / Nana Triban
After "Blues pour Elise et Femme in the city de Léonora Miano" / Concept adaptation andt stage direction Eva Doumbia
With : Anne Agbadou-Masson, Laëtitia Lalle Bi Bénie, Ludmilla Dabo, Atsama Lafosse,  Jezabel D’Alexis en Massidi Adiatou (dance), Alvie Bitemo (play and vocals). Special collaboration : Gagny Sissoko.
Scenography : Francis Ruggirello / Costumes : Sakina M’Sa Music : Lionel Elian
Light and stage direction : Erika Sauerbronn
Administration / production : Chloé Tournier

« Blues pour Elise » was published by PLON and “Ecrits pour la parole (Femme in a city) » by L’ARCHE Editeur.

21:30 - Debate: In search of new identities
Afropeans are Europeans with roots in Africa, just like Mireille-Tsheusi Robert and Eva Doumbia. Robert is a psychologist, opponent of racism and founder of the Belgian Afrodescendants Muntu-Kemit Committee (BAMKO). Doumbia is a director. They are both interested in issues relating to identity, representation and emancipation of Afropean women. At BOZAR they talk about their experiences and commitments. They also get involved in a discussion with the public. The discussion, which will take place in French, is introduced and moderated by Ayoko Mensah.