Dover Quartet


String Quartet, KV 590 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
String Quartet, op. 11 Samuel Barber
String Quartet no. 13, op. 130 & Grosse Fuge, op. 133 Ludwig van Beethoven

The emotionally engaging Adagio for Strings is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most well-known classical works of the 20th century, and it may even one of the most familiar works in the entire history of western music. Samuel Barber personally realises the impact his composition has made: Adagio for Strings is an orchestration of the second movement of his String Quartet, op. 11. During this concert, the young Dover Quartet performs the adagio in its original form. With its American background in mind, The New Yorker describes the ensemble as “The young American string quartet of the moment”, uniquely positioned to interpret Barber's masterpiece.