Warrior Poets presents Decolonizing Knowledge, the latest project of the Portuguese-African writer Grada Kilomba. A concept she has borrowed from the academic discourse that investigates how Western language and thought patterns can be decolonized. In her lecture performance, Kilomba builds a bridge between the artistic and the academic. With writing exercises, theatre texts and a collage of works of art and literary fragments she explores concepts such as racism, gender and knowledge. Who can or cannot say what? After the performance you are invited to ask questions.  

Icing on the cake: as part of her European tour Elisabeth Acevedo, the American poetry slam champion, will be dropping by BOZAR to recite one of her poems. 

It is under this title that BOZAR and its partners are organising the multidisciplinary festival Afropean+ that puts the spotlight on artists of African origin working within the European cultural landscape. Ahead of the 2017 festival,  the Centre for Fine Arts has scheduled a number of events as a foretaste. In January already there is Eva Doumbia’s play Afropéennes as well as Grada Kilomba’s Decolonizing Knowledge.