Chœur de chambre de NamurCappella MediterraneaLeonardo García Alarcón director – Valerio Contaldo Orfeo – Francesca Aspromonte La Musica, Euridice – Giuseppina Bridelli Messagiera – Anna Reinhold Proserpina, Speranza – Amélie Renglet Ninfa – Konstantin Wolff Plutone – Salvo Vitale Caronte – Nicholas Scott Pastore 1 – Carlo Vistoli Pastore 2 – Matteo Bellotto Pastore 3, Spirito 1 – Alessandro Giangrande Pastore 4, Appollo – Philippe Favette Spirito 2


L'Orfeo Claudio Monteverdi

The talented conductor Leonardo García Alarcón is returning to the Centre for Fine Arts at the head of “his groups” to celebrate the 410th anniversary of the creation, in Mantua, of this opera which is one of the first of its genres. Based on the myth of Orpheus trying to save his wife Eurydice from hell, Orpheus of Claudio Monteverdi has earned its place in the history of music as it marks the musical end of the Renaissance and the beginnings of Baroque, placing, as Bernard Foccroulle puts it so well in The Birth of the Individual in Art, “the individual at the centre of the new musical world”.