Ewald Demeyere harpsichord


Goe from my Window John Munday
Variatio William Byrd
Partita auff die Maÿerin, FbWV 606 Johann Jacob Froberger
12 Variationen über die Folie d'Espagne, Wq 118/9 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Aria variata alla maniera italiana, BWV 989 Johann Sebastian Bach
Ciacona, BWV Anh. 84 Johann Bernhard Bach
Variationen über "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman", KV 265 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Belgian harpsichordist Ewald Demeyere takes us on an exploration of the variation, a writing technique where a musical idea is repeated but altered in some way every time. This temporal and spatial journey begins in Late Renaissance England with John Munday and William Byrd, crosses the Channel to meet the German Froberger and the Bach dynasty, before ending up in late 18th century Austria, where Mozart composed his very well-known 12 Variations on the tune "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman".