Café ZimmermannCéline Frisch harpsichord, director – Jean Rondeau harpsichord


Violin Concerto, BWV 1041 Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto for 2 harpsichords, BWV 1061 Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto for Violin, Hobo and Strings, BWV 1060R Johann Sebastian Bach
Sinfonia, Wq 183/3 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Sinfonia, Fk 65 Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Concerto for 2 Harpsichords and Orchestra, Wtq 46 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Café Zimmermann, directed by the excellent harpsichordist Céline Frisch, is paying a visit to the Bach family. The programme includes the two best-known scions of the family, Johann Sebastian and Carl Philipp Emanuel, along with Wilhelm Friedemann, Johann Sebastian’s oldest son. His Sinfonia, F 65 creates a splendid complementary relationship between the old ‘serious’ style of his father and the new, classical style. The work will be performed by the talented Jean Rondeau, who combines virtuosity with a glitzy appearance and transports you into the musical narrative like no one else.

On the occasion of the Bach Heritage festiva, BOZAR LITERATURE has asked a number of poets to write a poet on Bach for the publication of "Thirteen Ways of Looking at J.S. Bach".