musicAeterna orchestra and chorus of Perm OperaTeodor Currentzis director – Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin


Concerto for violin and orchestra Alban Berg
Symphony no. 1, "Titan" Gustav Mahler

This concert by Musica Aeterna, which is better known for its early music performances, opens with a prodigious work which Alban Berg wrote in 1935 following the tragic death of Manon Gropius, daughter of Alma Mahler and the renowned architect Walter Gropius, whom he loved dearly and who succumbed to a serious illness at just 19 years of age. The solo part is performed by the Moldavian violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja, whose musical sensitivity is perfectly suited to the score of Concerto in memory of an angel. After a work that is all about studied contemplation, we continue in the footsteps of the Mahler family with the First Symphony by the famous Viennese composer. These visionary pages, which translate the Master’s exaltation and marvel at the forces of nature, overflow with creativity as a revolutionary profusion of melodic lines emerges, which, as is often the case with Mahler, also has a metaphysical aspect.