Huelgas EnsemblePaul Van Nevel director


Missa da capella "In illo tempore" Claudio Monteverdi
Laura che 'l verde lauro à 5 Nicola Vicentino
Amor i'ho molti e molt' anni pianto Cesari Tudine d'Atri
Mia benigna fortuna à 5 Giaches de Wert
Solo e pensoso à 5 Luca Marenzio

Claudio Monteverdi's name is nowadays associated with the Early Baroque period and, more specifically, the stylistic turning point when composition developed a more theatrical bent. The highly versatile Monteverdi sought to show his detractors that he was just as adept at polyphonic structures as his predecessors. Based on the motet of the Franco-Flemish master Nicolas Gombert, Monteverdi's Missa da Capella demonstrates his phenomenal ingenuity. The Huelgas Ensemble are recreating this polyphonic treasure, while linking it to pieces by composers from the previous generation. The outcome is a thrilling juxtaposition of a "conservative" Monteverdi and his "progressive" predecessors.