The seminar brings together students, researchers and teachers and is opened up to the public by way of conferences, discussions, projections, musical interludes and performances. The ERG invites philosophers, historians, scientists, artists, writers, dancers, filmmakers and musicians to present their works and to share their research and work in progress.
The ERG is fully committed to research into art and the annual seminar makes an active contribution to this. It doesn’t consider history and theory as separate entities of artistic practices, but rather as a necessary component which is inherent to any significant project within a contemporary artistic context.


10:30 Opening lecture by Matthew B. Crawford (Hall M)
12:00 Polina Akhmetzyanova, Cyriaque Villemaux, For a post-administrative choreographic duet (work in progress) (Terarken)
14:00 Pascal Rousseau, Mind Control. Art and psychic ascendancy in the 20th Century (Hall M)
16:00 Conversation between Latifa Laâbissi and Christophe Wavelet
Followed by a screening of: Anri Sala, Long Sorrow (2005) with Jemeel Moondoc, saxophonist (Hall M)

09:30 Gediminas et Nomeda Urbonas, Psychotropic House: Zooetics Pavilion of Ballardian Technologies (Hall M)
12:00 Michael Frayn, Copenhagen, a lecture by Michel Bitbol (Hall M)
14:30 Screening of Ce gamin, là,  a film by Renaud Victor, captions by Fernand Deligny (Hall M)
(1975, 88', n/b)
16:00 Catherine Perret, About a “gesture that has become ours” (Hall M)

10:00 Dominique Lambert, Archives Georges Lemaître (Hall M)
11:30 Jean Louis Schefer, The Economy of Sacrifice (Hall M)
14:00 Colonial archives, on-going researches (Hall M)
Introduction by Guido Gryseels, director and Patricia Van Schuylenbergh, head of the history and politics service, MRAC
Interventions by Anna Seiderer, Aglaia Konrad, Alexander Schellow et Raphaël Pirenne.(Hall M)

09 & 10.02.2016 – SALLES TERARKEN
Anri Sala – Air Cushioned Ride
(2007, video, color, sound)