Peter Vermeersch arrangements, conductor


Arrangements des oeuvres de Stravinsky, Ligeti, Poulenc, Kagel, ...

According to Toots Thielemans “It’s not a big band, it’s not a brass band, it’s a gang”. The jazz legend obviously meant this to be a compliment: in fact it sums up Flat Earth Society perfectly. Whether you call it a ‘group’ or a ‘big band’, FES is a gang of 15 men, who have been enjoying great success in the world of jazz for almost 20 years now. For ‘Stravinsky Deconstructed’ FES takes as its starting point Igor Stravinsky’s Ebony Concerto, a composition for the big band clarinettist Benny Goodman and one of the finest examples of a cross-fertilisation between classical music and jazz. The rest of the programme also features less-well-known 20th century gems from other contempories (Ligeti, Poulenc, Ellington,...) that are given a quirky twist thanks to FES’ personal approach.