HaftCraft EnsembleAna Naqe soprano – Bert Helsen bassoon – Philip Handschoewerker violin – Maria Elena Boila violin – Katelijne Onsia viola – Lesya Demkovych cello


Masnavi Ali Radman
The Little Black Fish Mahdis Kashani
Moon Beams Reza Nakisa
Khamoosh Vahid Taremi
Hommage à Abolhasan Saba Idin Mofakham
This is Crime (after a text by Ahmad Shamloo) Mahdis Kashani
Changi Bahram Osqueezadeh

In this concert the HaftCraft ensemble brings the soul of Iranian music and poetry to BOZAR. The ensemble's musicians commissioned Iranian composers to write musical pieces that would unite the traditions of Persian and Western Classical music. In the subtle, heartrending songs we hear the masterfulness of the Iranian composers, who turn sensitive themes into abstract art forms as a way of evading the Iranian censors. The mastery of the Belgian musicians is heard in the clear voice of Albanian soprano Ana Naqe, who sings the songs in Farsi to mark the occasion.