Brussels Philharmonic Peter Rundel conductor – Reison Kuroda shakuhachi – Akiko Kubota biwa – Grete Moortgat taiko – Art Lee taiko – Yukari Ichise taiko – Shoji Kameda taiko – Milan Pauwels taiko – BeiBei Wang taiko


November Steps (Belgian premiere) Toru Takemitsu
"...sainte-Fuji..." (Belgian premiere - commissioned by Ars Musica)
Secret Forest (Belgian premiere) Dai Fujikura
Ran Toru Takemitsu
Mono-Prism (Belgian premiere) Maki Ishii


7 PM Master Talk: Introduction by Peter Rundel (piano) and Dai Fujikura, moderated by Katelijne Boon (en), Studio

Before the concert, Peter Rundel provides handy listening aids by playing excerpts on the piano.

To our great delight the Brussels Philharmonic is opening the Ars Musica Festival dedicated to contemporary music. This new edition is largely given over to Japanese music. You will hear two works by the great 20th century composer Toru Takemitsu: his famous November Steps, sponsored by the New York Philharmonic for its 125th anniversary, and Ran, written for Akira Kurosawa’s cult film of the same name. Aside from established masters from the last century, like Maki Ishii, who also confronts traditional Japanese and Western music, Ars Musica will present works by contemporary composers such as Dai Fujikura.