Musiques NouvellesJean-Paul Dessy conductor – Michel Portal clarinet – Lander Gyselinck drums – Anneleen Boehme double-bass – Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven piano


Original music by Michel Portal for Nagisa Oshima’s film Max My Love Michel Portal
Max (World premiere - commissionned by Ars Musica) Gilles Doneux
Banzai Pipeline (World premiere - commissioned by Ars Musica) Denis Bosse
arrangement on Max mon amour - Michel Portal (World premiere - commissionned by Ars Musica) Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven

In 1986, Michel Portal composed the music for Nagisa Oshima’s film Max My Love. Oshima, the cult filmmaker behind the demonic Empire of Passion, told the composer what he wanted  and Portal intensified and transcended it. The result was a unique piece of music which combines an evocative power with a highly polished subtle timbre, which relies on the bass clarinet, one of Michel Portal’s favourite instruments. During this concert, the composer himself will perform, transform and play around with his work, in a brand new collaboration with the pianist Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven. This is also the opportunity to discover two Ars Musica commissioned works by Denis Bosse and Gilles Doneux. At the intersection between contemporary writing and a jazz which is devoid of all boundaries, they will be recreated by the Musiques Nouvelles ensemble conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy.