Quatuor Amôn


Quartettsatz, D 703 Franz Schubert
La guêpe et l'orchidée Benoît Mernier
String quartet no. 1, op. 41/1 Robert Schumann

Formed in 2008 in Brussels, the Amôn Quartet represents the young generation of Belgian string quartet players. The musicians' complementary relationship enables the ensemble to effortlessly and enthusiastically take advantage of the opportunities provided by the rich string quartet repertoire. Promoting multidisciplinary projects involved both in contemporary creative activities and the performance of major works, the quartet is already well-known in Europe and Asia. Its programme is a blend of the lyrical cosmos of Benoît Mernier's "La guêpe et l'orchidée" and the romantic agitation of works by Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann.