Balkan Trafik, 11th edition. A creative breath of fresh air from South East Europe is once again invading BOZAR. The fabulous musicians of the New York Gypsy All-Stars and the legendary Baba Zula from Turkey are amongst the 250 or so artists present this year.

Also on the programme, the exceptional collaboration of Goran Bregović's Wedding and Funeral Orchestra and the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra. Together they will perform the latest creation by the cult composer of the original soundtrack for Time of the Gypsies. More than a work, Three Letters from Sarajevo is an ode to the peaceful coexistence of cultures and religions. Over these three days, the cinema of the Balkans will also be celebrated during the Carte blanche of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

At Balkan Trafik you won’t fail to get caught up in a whirlwind of music – from traditional melodies to ethno jazz, blues, jazz and electro –, not forgetting dance, films, workshops, flavours and aromas, all that in a unique setting. It’s time to head for the Balkans!

Balkan Trafik! for the first time in Paris: 01.06 – 03.06.2017