Thérèse Malengreau piano – Filip Suys violin – Marie-Danielle Turner violin – Mihoko Kusama viola – Harm Van Rheeden cello – Taras Zanchak cello – Jean-Michel Charlier clarinet


Rivière Alice Hebborn
Between Tides Toru Takemitsu
Listening to Japanese landscapes (World premiere) Robin Dauchot
Kohana dreamed of bein a tree (World premiere) Sami Strazimiri
Septième eau-forte de K. Yamashita (World premiere) ADRIEN TSILOGIANNIS
Stundenblumen Toshio Hosokawa

The pianist Thérèse Malengreau is strongly interested in music’s relationship with the other arts. Her inquisitiveness has led her to explore works by Japanese composers who have been influenced by Western music. This has also brought her to the masters of the haiku who were set to music by Takemitsu. In 1996, the Japanese Ministry of the Environment drew up a list of 100 of the country’s natural soundscapes, which has inspired short works by young composers.