Trio Khaldei


Trio, op. 5 Frits Celis
Andante molto sostenuto (Trio, op. 10) Joseph Jongen
Piano Trio

Trio Khaldei champions the mix of well and lesser known pieces in its chamber music concerts. This Sunday's programme places Maurice Ravel's piano trio alongside compositions by Frits Celis and Joseph Jongen. Maurice Ravel wrote his masterly trio in 1914, not long before departing for the front. The piece, which would normally have taken about five months, was completed in just five weeks. His dedication and urgency are truly palpable in this, one of the most colourful pieces in the history of chamber music. Ravel's trio contrasts starkly with Joseph Jongen's pianotrio in b op. 10 (1897). This work, which was conceived on the grand scale, carries echoes of German romanticism and French impressionism. On the other hand, Frits Celis (who is one of our most underrated composers), wrote his trio in 1958. Though one of his early pieces, it bears all the hallmarks of his later work: strong rhythmic drive, clear sense of structure and rich and extensive colour palette.