Emma Wauters harp – Mathilde Wauters harp


Prélude, fugue & variation César Franck
Prelude and fugue, BWB 1001 (transcr. Fabrice Pierre) Johann Sebastian Bach
Fantasie op thema’s van Carmen (G. Bizet) John Thomas
Granada Isaac Albeniz
Danza Española n°5 (Andaluza) Enrique Granados
Grand duet John Thomas
Parvis Bernard Andrès

So different, yet so harmonious. Emma and Mathilde Wauters are sisters and form the perfect harp duo: virtuosos, passionate about their instrument and rich in stage presence. Like no other pairing the two sisters succeed in transmitting the sound colours and potentiality of the harp to their audience. With this programme they are sure to do it again. In addition to Bach's Fugue BWV1001 they play the Grand Duet and Fantasy on themes from Carmen, brilliant and virtuosic pieces by John Thomas. And with Parvis: cortège et danse by Bernard Andrès, Emma and Mathilde are bound to get you swinging.