Simone Rubino drums


Asventuras Alexey Gerassimez
Piazzolla's Verano Porteno Pius Cheung
Esegesi Roberto Bocca
Bad Touch Casey Cangelosi
Choral Simone Rubino
Crossover Wolfgang Reifeneder
Interzones Bruce Hamilton
Rebonds B Iannis Xenakis

What started as a game of pots and pans in mum's kitchen has grown into a professional occupation. 24-year old Italian percussionist Simone Rubino finds that playing his countless instruments is like pulling the strings of a huge orchestra and exploring its full potential for music: rhythm, sound and melody. Rubino has scooped first prize and audience favourite prize at the ARD Musikwettbewerb in Munich, the Förderpreis des Deutschlandfunks at the Musikfest Bremen, the Crédit Suisse Young Artists Award, and many more. No wonder he is already an international sensation. He exhibits every aspect of his musical ability in this varied, contemporary concert programme.