Brad Mehldau piano – Larry Grenadier double-bass – Jeff Ballard drums

For many years now, the jazz pianist Brad Mehldau has been sharing the stage with his comrades Larry Grenadier on the bass and Jeff Ballard on the drums. The outcome is one of the leading contemporary jazz ensembles, comprising musicians who are fully attuned to each other. You can appreciate Mehldau’s huge fascination with musical architecture. In the midst of a well-balanced, overarching structure, the pianist’s fingers move over the keyboard, improvising freely, alternating exuberance and restraint as part of an often intense interaction between the right and left hand. It is no surprise, then, that Mehldau’s style has often been described as “controlled chaos”. No stranger to BOZAR, Mehldau will be back with his regular trio, which performed with him here a few years ago. This is an unmissable opportunity to see them play together!