For the opening of Imagine Europe : In Search of New Narratives, BOZAR brings together three renowned personalities for a discussion.

At BOZAR the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who is also a Professor at Harvard and co-founder of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), will present BERL 13/057, his replica of Jean-Claude Juncker’s office, the President of the European Commission. Also invited, the young and talented researcher Ivana Abramović, is specialised in the Science and Technology of nuclear fusion. She is currently working on her Phd in collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute of plasma physics in Greifswald, Germany. The German writer Ingo Niermann is editor of the Solution series: a collection of political, economic, architectural and cultural ideas aimed at improving the lives of citizens all over the world.

The discussion will be introduced by Piet Goddaer, alias Ozark Henry, appointed UNODC Goodwill Ambassador for Belgium against human trafficking.