In recent years, the development of the internet has profoundly changed our relationship with information, with social media, politically-engaged journalists, bloggers, activists, investigative journalists or the “whistle-blowers”. What would a global framework that governed media ethics look like? Would informing people of the truth constitute a problem? The debate will be launched by the screening of the short film #Brusselslockdown (2015) and will tackle existing and emerging organisations and sources of information.

With : Jimmy Kets (BE), Lorna Stephanson (UK), Ibrahim Mahomoud (UK), Fikry El Azzouzi (BE), Marcela Pizarro (UK). Moderator : Marleen Wynants

Jimmy Kets (BE): photographer
Lorna Stephenson (UK): Red Pepper blog & media cooperative The Bristol Cable
Ibrahim Mahomoud (UK): CAGE, independent advocacy organisation
Fikry El Azzouzi (BE): author
Marcela Pizarro (UK): The Listening Post, AlJazeera
Marleen Wynants : Crosstalks